Top Trends In Kitchen Appliances For 2023!

Thinking of giving your kitchen a trendy makeover and wondering where to start? Consider using one or more of these appliance trends to bring your space up to date and add convenience to style. 

Induction Stoves

The induction cooking process utilizes electromagnetism for more direct heat.  What does this mean for you? It heats up faster and cooks more evenly.  Faster, more efficient cooking means a little less time in the kitchen. Not to mention, the smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Induction stovetops are also more energy-efficient and safer than gas stoves. A new induction cooking surface can give your kitchen a modern look while providing a quicker and safer cooking experience.  

Smart Appliances

Dishwashers that can pick the correct cycle by “reading” your dirty dishes, voice-activated appliances, and refrigerators that can help with the grocery list are just a few examples of what smart appliances can do to lend a hand in the kitchen.  While some may not think they need such technology in the kitchen, smart appliances will only get smarter, and we will soon find ourselves wondering how we ever cooked dinner without them.  

Make Space for a Griddle

This versatile cooktop can cook a large variety of foods, and in large quantities. The griddle allows you to prepare an entire classic diner breakfast and a fun Japanese steakhouse dinner – all on one appliance. You would be hard-pressed to find an appliance that can do what a griddle can do. While you can opt for the outdoor griddle, the current trend is to incorporate it into the kitchen stovetop for convenience. 

The Statement Appliance

While uniform appliances can tie a kitchen together with sleek and organized appeal, this season don’t be afraid to highlight a standout piece or two.  Gone is the gold standard of matching appliances, as people opt instead to intentionally incorporate variety into their spaces.  To achieve a more eclectic look in your kitchen, make bold color choices when it comes to a few key appliances; mix and match your metals or even opt for a show-stopping vintage piece. 

Beverage Storage

Much like the rage of the coffee station, under-the-counter beverage refrigerators allow you to make a quick and convenient stop for your family to grab a cold drink without disrupting the delicate balance of the main refrigerator. The glass doors make it easy to assess inventory, and installing it under existing counter space makes it an attractive storage solution. 

While most people dream of an entire kitchen remodel, you should never underestimate the impact of even a few smaller changes that can give your kitchen a brand-new feel without breaking the bank. By choosing one or more of these appliance trends, you can breathe new life and functionality into your existing kitchen.