Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen 101 – Top Tips To Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Spring is here! It’s the perfect time to take some time to declutter and organize your kitchen so that your meal prep time can be more productive!

Did you know that studies have shown that giving your kitchen a deep cleaning makes you happier? Turns out that being in a clean and decluttered space improves your mood!

Below is a list of our top tips for deep cleaning your kitchen:

  • Clean the entire area around your oven and stove from the top down. No matter what type of exhaust fan you have, grease becomes airborne, so you need to take the time to degrease the area around your oven. Tackle the outside of the range hood with a mixture of mild soap and water using a microfiber towel, scrubbing with the grain of the stainless steel. Remove the filters and soak them, then scrub them with a soft-bristled brush.
  • Clean the inside of your oven by removing the racks and giving them a good scrub with a brush in the sink. Then make a paste of baking soda (3 parts), water, and dish soap and apply it to the inside of the oven, letting it sit for 30 minutes before scrubbing all surfaces, rinsing with water, and drying with a microfiber cloth.
  • To clean your microwave, fill a mug with water and a few drops of vinegar. Heat it for 2 minutes then wipe away any loosened food with a damp paper towel.
  • Clean the outside of the dishwasher, paying close attention to the hinges and seals around the doors. Tackle the inside by first pulling out the racks and rinsing them off. Look at the spinning arms and use a toothpick to clear any build-up from the holes. Use a vinegar-soaked damp cloth to wipe down grates and filters. Finish up by sprinkling baking soda (one cup) in the bottom and run a short, hot-water cycle.
  • You can’t deep clean your kitchen without cleaning your refrigerator. Remove everything and throw away anything past its expiration date. Take out all shelves and drawers and rinse them in warm soapy water.
  • Clean your kitchen cabinets. Instead of using a chemical cleaner, use a mixture of hot water with dishwashing soap or vinegar poured into a spray bottle. You don’t want to soak your cabinets, so spray a rag until it’s damp and then wipe down each cabinet. If you run into any grooves or trim that’s hard to get clean with a rag, an old toothbrush should do the trick! Finally, give them a once-over with a rag dampened in plain water, and then be sure to dry them with a soft dry cloth.
  • Next, empty all your drawers and cabinets. Use a handheld vacuum to suck up any debris, then wipe them down with a damp cloth before drying them out and putting everything back in place.

Want to hear the best part? Cleaning your kitchen IS considered exercise! With the kind of scrubbing we’ve recommended, deep cleaning your kitchen can help you burn around 300 calories per hour!!

If the time spent cleaning your kitchen, have you daydreaming about a kitchen remodel where form meets function, please give us a call at 615-480-0267. We would love to help you!