Rob and Noah worked hard to build a team which strives to ensure excellent quality, placing their focus on the needs of each homeowner.

All team members are carefully vetted to work together at the top of their game each and every day. We would love to introduce you to our leadership team!

Joy Baughman

Administrative Manager

Joy is the wife of Rob Baughman and Remodel 615’s Administrative Manager. Her belief in her husband and what the company stands for coupled with her keen organizational skills make her an asset to this growing company.

Joy’s Superpower? Attention to Detail

Shea Calabrese

Project Specialist

Shea is a former Marine who is excited to be a part of the Remodel 615 team. After being Honorably discharged in 2007, Shea spent some time in telecommunications cabling sales before finding his way to project management, which he has been doing for 5 years. Shea loves watching his clients’ faces light up when they watch their project go from a dream, to a plan on paper, to a finished project.

Shea’s superpower is his ability to connect with people! He enjoys meeting new people, getting to know them and building a relationship with them.

Michelle Frank

Director of Finance and Human Resources

Michelle came to Remodel 615 initially as an estimator after having worked in management with Rob at a previous company. As Remodel 615 began to grow, Michelle’s background as a financial controller made her a logical choice to fill the new role.

Michelle’s Superpower? Understanding of all the financial details

Sue Griggs

Design Process Manager

Sue brings experience from several areas of design to enhance the Remodel 615 team. Prior to joining Remodel 615, Sue was a lead designer with Red Triangle Interior Design and spent many years in market research, working specifically in the home renovation industry. She has coordinated four major renovations of her personal home  and has overseen the construction of her current home. What does she love about her position with Remodel 615? In her own words: Helping clients realize their dreams!

Sue’s superpower is x-ray vision. She has the unique ability to see the potential in most situations; it’s one of the things we love about her!

Kandi McElhannon

Business Development Specialist

Kandi has known Owner Rob Baughman for quite awhile and haswatched Remodel 615 grow into one of the area’s best remodeling companies. She had always admired the way they treated their employees like family. So when there was an opening for a business development specialist, she jumped at the chance!

Kandi’s superpower is her love of people! She loves meeting new people and educating them about the things she is passionate about…and she is passionate about Remodel 615!

anna palumbo director of design and architecture

Anna Palumbo

Director of Design & Architecture

Anna comes to Remodel 615 after two years of owning her own design business. She also currently teaches design at the O’More College of Architecture and Design at Belmont University. What does she love about her new position with Remodel 615? Let’s hear from Anna in her own words: I love the relationships that are created throughout the process, both with co-workers and with clients. I also love to design, space plan, and communicate the client’s vision through my plans! I am an artist before anything else and I am able to express that through my drawings for clients.

Anna’s superpower is her enthusiasm! She gets very excited about life and what is happening in the moment! (the bonus is that it’s very contagious!)

Kayla Stewart

Marketing Assistant

Kayla is the wife of Noah and a full time mom who finds time in her busy schedule to assist Remodel 615.

Kayla’s Superpower? Multitasking

Dave Thomas

Project Specialist

Dave Thomas is excited to be a part of the Remodel 615 team after having previously worked with Rob & Noah at another residential remodeling company. Dave brings years of experience in the home improvement industry to Remodel 615 as an estimator, designer and process manager. Dave enjoys meeting new clients, learning about their unique remodeling needs and sharing his passion for home improvement.

Dave’s Super Power? Listening

Bill Trimbell


Bill brings not only his talent as a draftsman to Remodel 615, but also his years of experience. Over the course of his professional career, he has worked as a process engineer, a surveyor, a project engineer, and a combat engineer in the United States Army. He loves his role at Remodel 615 because it is a great opportunity to work with like-minded individuals who care about the clients they serve!

Bill’s superpower is his wisdom! He shared: Life’s many experiences tend to test everything you thought you knew…and sometimes you find out you got it right!

Izzy James

Project Manager

Izzy initially joined the Remodel 615 team as a carpenter, bringing with him 30 years of experience in the industry. As the company began to grow, Noah and Rob considered Izzy’s vast experience and the care he showed when interacting with clients. So when the need for a project manager arose, Izzy was a natural choice.

Izzy’s superpower is that he is great with people! He says that his greatest joy is seeing a client’s dream project become reality!