It’s Time to Clean the Gutters!

It may not be a chore that is high on your list of fun things to do on a Saturday (especially if you are afraid of heights). But like it or not, cleaning your gutters is important! Your gutter system was designed to take unwanted water and small debris from your roof and allow it to flow away from your home in order to prevent damage. If your gutters or downspouts are clogged, the process cannot happen and could cause damage to your home. It is important that you…

Clear the Debris SAFETY FIRST! Be sure to place your ladder on level ground. It is also a good idea to wear safety goggles. You don’t want debris to get in your eyes when you are standing on a ladder. Also, wear gloves. You don’t want to cut your fingers on the gutters or on any of the debris you remove. Have a bucket or bag handy to collect the debris. Gather large pieces by hand and then use a trowel or gutter scoop to gather the compacted, smaller debris.

Do the Hose Test Once you’ve successfully cleaned your gutters, we recommend running a hose in them. Be sure that the water flows freely through the gutters and out the downspout. Sometimes debris gets lodged in the downspout and you will not know until it is too late.

Vow “Never Again!” If this is a job you put off each and every year, we have a solution! A gutter guard system can help you to prevent the build-up of debris in your gutters for years to come.

We strive to offer our clients the best products on the market at prices that are reasonable and fair. If you have gutters that are damaged or simply don’t want to have to clean them anymore, we invite you to give us a call at 615-480-0267. We would be happy help you replace your gutters and tell you about our favorite gutter guard system that comes with a 20-year warranty!