How do you know it is time to remodel your bathroom?

Jun 26, 2020

When people find out what I do for a living, one of the questions I am asked most frequently is: How do I know it is time to remodel my bathroom? I get asked this question so much that I recently made a video about it! You can find that video here. Or you can continue reading to find out more!

My first thought is…if you just really don’t like your bathroom, it might be worth considering an upgrade. After all, life’s too short to be unhappy every time you take a shower.

Another reason to remodel is that the color is wrong. We’ve been asked to transform many pink and black tiled bathrooms. Homeowners and builders in the 1950’s LOVED this color scheme but it doesn’t tend to be too popular anymore.

An outdated bathroom is another reason to upgrade. Let’s put it this way: if you are brushing your teeth every morning in sinks shaped like shells, you might want to give me a call.

Aside from those aesthetic reasons to remodel, a bathroom that has had its fair share of wear and tear is primed for an upgrade. If your bathroom has one or more of the following items that needs attention, rather than spending money on repairs, it might be better to invest in a remodel:

  • Cracks or dents in the tub

  • Tiles that are loose or falling

  • Faucets with a constant leak or drip

  • Cover plates that are loose or falling off

I hope this brief list of reasons to remodel your bathroom helps to answer your question.If you want to know something more specific, please feel free to give me a call at 615-480-0267.The Remodel 615 team LOVES to remodel bathrooms.We take pride in the work we do, always showing up on time and completing projects on budget.We would be happy to make things right and transform your bathroom into a space you’ll love!