Because Security Matters

Jun 26, 2020

We care. Not only about delivering a project that once it is complete you are proud to call home, but also about helping you keep that home safe for all who enter. Everyone wants to feel safe in their homes. With the uncertain times we are living in and spending more time at home, our thoughts regarding security become more of a focus.

While news of a spike in reported crime has not yet been reported, the longer businesses are in lockdown mode, the more we are likely to see an increase in property crime such as home break-ins. Experts say the increase is likely to rise as the number of people that remain on unemployment continues to climb. What law enforcement is seeing is an increase in noise disturbances as well as porch pirates, stealing packages.

With college kids and teens spending more time at home, the tendency for them to become restless and roam around the neighborhood looking for some minor trouble, is higher.

Many retail establishments are not completely operational and with all the safer-at-home warnings, more and more people are shopping online and having their purchases delivered to their doorsteps. Just like we see during the Christmas holiday season, the increase in the number of packages being left on porches, leads to an increase of thieves snatching them away.

Security Cameras and Video Doorbells

Do-it-yourself security solutions such as Ring and Blink are a great alternative to help you and your family feel safer in your own home. No matter the brand, these devices are pretty simple to install and do not take a ton of technical knowledge to operate so they are great for all homeowners! Ring or Blink both serve as a determent for the bad guys who come around and will make any porch pirate think twice about taking a package! In some cases you can even use the footage from your camera to assist the police in making an arrest.

As the contractor who cares, Remodel 615 would like to offer anyone who is completing a remodel of $10,000 or more a FREE Ring Doorbell or Security Camera. We want you to not only be safer at home; we want you to feel safer at home. If you would like more information we invite you to give us a call at 615-480-0267.